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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t we generate leads cheaper in-house?

Nope. We’re as good as it gets. We’re creative, experienced, tenacious and highly technical about subscriber acquisition. We compete ferociously for the best media and we split test and optimize constantly. When it comes to the cost-per-lead, we’ll be within pennies of the best price possible. When it comes to your true cost per confirmed double opt-in, we’ll confidently beat in-house teams and other agencies by a large margin. How? Read on…

How can Earnlink acquire subscribers cheaper than other sources?

Earnlink monetizes each lead with our own in-house targeted offers that offset the costs of acquisition by about 50% to start. Remember, unresponsive leads have no value. Earnlink visibly co-brands each campaign funnel exclusive to just ONE subscriber acquisition partner. Our partner/buyer’s welcome email is fired first and subscribers are instructed to confirm the partner’s welcome email to participate.

Why would I pay $1.50 - $2.00 CPL for a double opt-in when we can get single opt-in co-reg leads for .25-.50 CPL?

Your true costs per active, engaged subscriber is all that matters. Approximately 1 in 3 Earnlink generated leads will double opt-in to our partner’s list. Approximately 1 in 10 co-reg leads will double opt-in. Uninterested junk co-reg leads inflate your sending costs, hurt your sending reputation and are beat up by so many other marketers they’re far less responsive and less valuable. To learn more, read this

How many subscriber data fields can Earnlink collect?

This is another area we beat the pants off the competition. Our multi-page subscriber acquisition funnels can collect email, name, age-range, gender, employment status, health insurance, financial ability and many other preferences at no extra cost. One field that is generally more “expensive” to collect is phone number since subscribers fear being called. 5-7 data points is the sweet spot.

Will Earnlink guarantee the results?

We are able to test, optimize and stabilize the cost-per-lead quickly. Many of our campaigns are already known CPL ranges, so they can be projected (guaranteed) with absolute confidence.

What will our double-opt-in conversion rate be?

The expected range of Single Opt-ins (“SOI”) to DOI conversion rate is 25-50%.

Achieving the projected double-opt-in conversion rate is our specialty; however, the client’s email sending reputation will be a factor initially, although we can help improve it if needed.

What’s the minimum test budget?

$10,000 is the right starting budget which is allows us to optimize the double-opt-in conversion rate

What’s a target monthly budget for a successful campaign?

$25,000+ per month is a reasonable monthly budget; however, our intention is to work with client partners who want to grow their lists as quickly as possible providing we’re hitting the client’s target metrics.

What payment terms are available?

    • Pre-Fund All New Accounts
    • NET-7 OAC