The Team

Patrick Tuthill

Director of Business Development
Patrick Tuthill draws on a decade of email marketing experience and positively loves sharing Earnlink’s proven strategies to help web entrepreneurs build powerful recurring revenue streams they can be proud of. Still trying to crack the email marketing code? Patrick has the keys.

Tom Copeland

Director of Client Strategy
Tom Copeland is a master at helping Earnlink clients get the information, systems and resources they need to start, run and grow their own profitable digital publications. Have a bunch of questions about the business? Just ask Tom. He’ll guide you step-by-step!

Drew Woods

Director of Monetization
Drew Woods is the company’s “Director of Monetization” which means he’s pretty much responsible generating millions of dollars in advertising revenue for Earnlink’s client publishers. Need more revenue? Just ask Drew.

John Valenty

Chief Visionary Disrupter
An entrepreneur since age 10, Valenty had a thriving business by 17 and by age 23, created a legendary marketing system that grossed five hundred million in just 3 years. Valenty created Earnlink in his 40’s to make digital marketing easier for his client companies.

Chad Fisk

Top Goal Scorer
Southern California surfer, audiophile, and leading goal scorer on the company’s ice hockey team, Chad Fisk is a digital marketing legend, to this day generating thousands of new subscribers each day for our client companies.